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So they were coming up on their four year anniversary. After many discussions about the future & some waiting to see who would pop the question first, Shaun & Raymond decided to do something uniquely their own: invite all their friends over & surprise them with a joint proposal! How could they possibly say anything but “yes!”? They devised a plan, picked out rings, & kept it secret until November 24th, 2022 otherwise known as Thanksgiving (gobble, gobble). They had much to be thankful for that year: chosen family by their side, full bellies, each other, & new jewelry. Before they knew it, they were planning a wedding in their own special way, mixing up the traditions they grew up with, bringing their friends & family along for the ride. But before all this happened, their relationship began very differently…


Our Proposal Story

Our Origin Story

In 2018, Raymond had just moved to his first big-boy apartment in Washington Heights & it didn't take him long to venture on to the dating apps & spot Shaun's profile square less than 1000 ft away. While they'd met before & followed each other on Instagram, they'd never really gotten to know each other. After many months of on-&-off again flirting, dates, chicken soup, & cuddles, Raymond finally popped the question: “will you visit San Francisco with me?” Shaun said...yes. They rode cable cars, got stoned in Dolores Park, took a ferry under the Golden Gate Bridge, & went to a drag show in the Castro. Who knew that five years later they would be living in the city where their relationship was set in motion? Throughout the years, they discovered their shared  love of musical theater, travel, all things RuPaul, & hosting fabulous dinner parties. They introduced friends & family, built their chosen family together, & designed their COVID-19 apartment into an oasis where they could find comfort & safety with their two doggies, London Grace & Fred. Their love for each other grew & they began to wonder what life would be like together…forever. So they were coming up on their four year anniversary…

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